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super duper fucking hardcore

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*~09 Sep 2004|12:03am~*
I realize this community has been inactive for a while, but it was to great to pass up. The name I love go bot was to clever, and the saying "Super, duper, fucking hard core" has been part of my vocabulary since 1996. Hopefully there will be a post or 2 in the future.
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hi. new *~16 Jun 2003|01:31am~*
Hope this place will raise from dead and kick ass... sometime.

'cats' in interests was nice 666-)

alternative bsb artwork as post bonus:

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*~30 Jun 2001|12:04am~*
my friend's sister made a hardy boyz fans community. you should all go join it NOW NOW NOW. 2_xtreme <---click thereeee.
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*~24 Jun 2001|02:31am~*
you people do not post here, *shakes cane at you, menecingly of course*
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*~07 Jun 2001|09:38am~*
black circle boy dvd i need to have it righttt now. i should post up those other bcb icons that i had made but yeah. anyways i guess.
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pretty. *~07 Jun 2001|09:27am~*
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*~05 Jun 2001|10:53pm~*

I dont know.

but this place looked sad

and it needed a pos.

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*~01 Jun 2001|10:44pm~*
I wish i knew where my copy was :(
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*~01 May 2001|06:32pm~*
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woo woo finally got the black circle boys community up. heh yeah im doign whatever i want... lol... anywyas i guess tahts about it for now. i want my black circle boys tape back like right now :| think im gonna try and get it on dvd

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*~01 Jun 2001|12:55pm~*
This is a Community for everyone that likes the Black Circle Boys Or just wants to join, Enjoy.

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